Canon A1

I used this camera on one of the last outings with my mum before she passed a year ago today. That seems to make this camera post appropriate for today. We took a taxi to Fairburn Ings, which she could not say despite hilariously making many attempt to do it. As you can see on the link it has disabled access, which made pushing mum around much easier. She got a chance to be out in nature without too much effort. Plus they had cappuccino and cakes in the shop.

This was the first camera I bought when I decided to delve back into film. I saw it on eBay for £20, which now seems like a bargain. It arrived on the day I was returning to Japan so I didn’t even get a chance to open the box. I just put it on a shelf and left it for 6 month. When I got back I opened the box and found there was a battery in the compartment and it was stuck. When I eventually prised it out and cleaned it, I found everything seems to work ok. The main reason I bought this camera was for the lens cap. I thought it was a nice reminder of a great world cup..

While searching for details on this camera I found a wikihow on how to use it. I find it funny, but everyone starts somewhere. Despite the lens cap, this camera was first introduced in 1978… (just as I was writing this there was a huge earthquake alarm..just a test, onward)..This was the first ever camera to be fully reliant on battery power. I do like the option on the Nikon from the same era with the M90 just in case. Every review I have since read on this camera, including this great one, says this is one of the best and most important SLRs released in that time period, if not ever. All the links I have given will tell you all the technical information you need. I cannot add to them. All I can say is, this camera is awesome. It feels solid and well built. If you get one in good condition it will last and perform well. It is so easy to use and I am so glad that I picked up that camera and not one of the others to take shots of my mum at a place our family has great memories of and feel a lovely connection to.



And here are some photos of mum from about the same era as the camera. As I was a wee bairn I didn’t have a camera and digital was a space age away. So we don’t have many.



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