Olympus OM Lens

This is a post, not for a camera, but a lens. I saw a weird looking olympus camera in a terrible condition. The lens attached to it didn’t seem so bad and at 500yen worth a try. I do love a good olympus.

It was attached to an Olympus 707 which was in such a state I threw it away without taking a photo. I really wish I had. I decided to take a few shots with the lens and then switch to my regular lens. I cleaned the lens as best I could and then put it on my OM4.

On my last post I wrote this…

I had recently received a bikkori half monochrome box from Japan Camera Hunter. Inside was a roll of Oriental Seagull 100, which according to this website I was very lucky to get so early. Of course I had no idea about its newness or quality. So I just slammed it in this camera…should have saved it for my OM4 because it is awesome.

Apparently I did do just that and got all muddle up, so I deleted it there and put it here.

These are the shots from this lens.

My camera-stealer friend gave me permission to post the photos of the children…because they are awesome!

So the lens works really well, and I love the film. If I see any more I will buy it…film and attached lenses. I used Fuji Prodol SPD to develop the film.


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